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Communication skills
Critical thinking
Logical reasoning

Game-Based Learning

Game-Based Learning uses Minecraft, to make AI learning easier for a child. This method enhances the child’s imagination and makes the learning process fun. This method also boosts creativity, communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and cognitive skills in growing children. We use this method for the kids of class 5th -7th to make them learn important skills without the burden of regular studying.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a way of learning through actions. This method of learning enables children to have authentic and practical experiences. It allows children to experience, analyze, observe, and experiment while learning. Even though this method of learning is beneficial for children of all age groups, employing this method along with our experiential kit for students of classes 8th-10th, helps them to use their skills and further enhance them while acquiring a new one – Artificial Intelligence.

Our core values redefining

Innovative Pedagogy

We use fun and joyful methods of teaching AI to children. We make children learn through games, our experiential kit, and challenging activities to engage and thrill them.

Smartest Curriculum

Our curriculum is curated by education and technological experts in such a way that the students find it interesting and engaging. We also make sure not to overburden the children and teach them at their pace.

Friendly Instructors

Our instructors are friendly and teach the students in an engaging manner to keep the students interested. They care for the students at the individual level so that they can progress easily.

Nature Pod Technique

With a maximum of six children assigned to an instructor, we follow the Nature Pod technique of blending experiential and personalized learning.

Paving the Way for
Your Child’s Happy Future with AI

Artificial Intelligence Revolution

The AI revolution has fundamentally changed how people collect and process data and transformed business operations across different industries. In general, AI systems are supported by three major aspects which are: domain knowledge, data generation, and machine learning.

Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way modern people live and work.

Agriculture Revolution

The fourth agricultural revolution, much like the fourth industrial revolution, refers to the anticipated changes from new technologies, particularly the use of AI to make smarter planning decisions and power autonomous robots.

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What Principals Say

“I am happy and proud that our school has associated with VayuLearn which conducted a 3-day AI boot camp. This boot camp was filled with enthusiasm and hands-on activities. The students were taken through the world of AI with gamification via Minecraft and experiential learning with micro:bit.”


“We are proud to be affiliated with VayuLearn which provides a first-hand AI learning experience that is exceptionally unique as they use gamification and experiential learning methods. The activities are absolutely future based and the kind of experience that the students need in today’s world to be future-ready is just perfect.”

What Parents Say

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to team VayuLearn for teaching Taeyah for the last few months. I know teaching Taeyah required a lot of patience, but this was the first time Taeyah, finished something from start till the end which was outside her regular academic routine. I wish you all the very best.”

Dr. Ubaldina Noronha

Professor and mother of Taeyah Noronha

“I am extremely thankful to VayuLearn for teaching AI classes to my daughter. Their classes are fun- filled and they deliver high-quality content. Now my daughter is doing very well in AI. Thank you VayuLearn.”

Mr. Shailendra Jha

Director of Vida Technologies Pvt Ltd and Father of Shruti Shailendra.

“I was surprised to see my son learning through games. Thus, I am happy that my son is making his screen time into productive screen time. I really liked that their course was not just teaching but more exploring and hands-on. Instead of rote memorizing, it was experiential learning through gamification so my son was always engaged. He never felt bored. Thank you VayuLearn.”

Vibha Lohani Srivastava

Author, Storyteller, Blogger and Mother of Avi Srivastava.

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