To unlock AI learning potential through Game-based and Experiential techniques.


To empower every individual to be a creative contributor and build future entrepreneurs.


To remain child-focused by building them a stress-free learning environment that constantly offers improved services.


The idea for VayuLearn came into being when we decided to cultivate next-gen skills in children with smartly curated tools, technology, and learning methods. VayuLearn was established in 2021 by a Delhi-based company, Achievve Tech Soluctions LLP to help children learn Artificial Intelligence by dabbling in electronics, robotics, etc. through game-based and experiential teaching methods.

Achievve Tech Soluctions dynamic and highly qualified team (comprising IIT/IIM, Ph.D.’s, MTech’s and MCT’s/MCA’s) has been developing services for K12 schools & higher education institutions since its inception in 2013. With experience of over 7 years, we have already served more than 10,000 K12 schools, and more than 300 colleges & universities.

Structured Courses & Camps

Real-Time Online Sessions in multiple time zones (3 times a week, Mon-Sat)

Smartest Curriculum

In Python, Java, AI & IoT, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity and more

Focused Group

Just 6 students max per instructor, for blended experiential and personalized learning.

Balanced Course Schedule

From Beginner to Advanced, courses are carefully designed to be age sensitive.

The Magic of VayuLearn Camps

We include games, challenges, activities that magically transform students to fit their learning style as a Converger, Accommodator, Assimilator or Diverger.

Flagship E-XL Environment

Some of our Experiential Virtual-Tech Camps & Courses include Flagship Experiential Kits that will be delivered to students as part of our experiential learning feature.

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