child learning with game based teaching method

Learning Live & Together

Learners are grouped in VayuLearn LearnPod and they begin an online AI learning journey with our advanced technology platform that is intuitive and easy to use. Students work together to learn AI while developing collaborative skills, driving creativity and critical thinking.

Our classes are designed to offer a stress-free environment with the support and encouragement of their instructors or AI Guardians. Every class has a distinct objective and outcome which promises to give a sense of accomplishment!

Virtual-Tech Camps

VayuLearn courses are delivered online in Real-Time by exceptionally talented and qualified instructors synchronous with Kolb’s ELM (Experiential Learning Model). These courses are taught to students as a part of our Experiential Virtual-Tech Camps which allows them to “Learn from Home”.

So, make your kid join over 500,000 students who are building in-demand skills with experiential AI kits, communicating & collaborating with friends online, and gaining confidence—all from the comfort of your home.

Engaging & Creative

Digital competency is now practically mandatory in every sector; hence its best to stay up to date. Through our blended learning approach, we help learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) a fun, easy and joyful experience. VayuLearn™ aims to keep classes creative and engaging through its unique 2 way pedagogy. With fresh activities, challenges and regularly updated content, VayuLearn™ always has something new to offer.

VayuLearn Certification

Our instructors unlock the brilliance and inspire greatness in students to create an exciting project by the end of the course. Your kid can dive in and take our smartest courses in AI, Python, JavaScript, MakeCode, and Minecraft built using tools from Microsoft, Google, Microbit, and more.

VayuLear’s™ “Certification of Completion” is to be given after successful completion of the course. complete with instructor insights.

Structured Courses & Camps

Real-Time Online Sessions in multiple time zones (3 times a week, Mon-Sat)

Smartest Curriculum

In Python, Java, AI & IoT, Minecraft, Roblox, Unity and more

Focused Group

Just 6 students max per instructor, for blended experiential and personalized learning.

Balanced Course Schedule

From Beginner to Advanced, courses are carefully designed to be age sensitive.

The Magic of VayuLearn Camps

We include games, challenges, activities that magically transform students to fit their learning style as a Converger, Accommodator, Assimilator or Diverger.

Flagship E-XL Environment

Some of our Experiential Virtual-Tech Camps & Courses include Flagship Experiential Kits that will be delivered to students as part of our experiential learning feature.

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