(For classes 8-10 || Between 12-16 years)

Build Experienced AI Agents

As kids progress from junior to senior grades, the overall personality development becomes key to their learning curve. Offering activity-based education keeps children engaged and curious. Give your child the experience of AI with the help of our Experiential Kit packaged with fun courses to make Experienced AI Agents.

Online Experiential learning for kids
Online Experiential learning activities for kids

Experiential Learning VayuLearn Experiential Kit

VayuLearn offers a carefully curated Experiential Kit which consists of the new BBC micro: bit, OLED screen, Crash Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Rainbow LED, Noise Sensor, Light Sensor, 180 Servo, Soil Moisture Sensor, Motor with Fan, Relay, Submersible Pump, and Sensor Bit. The VayuLearn kit promotes learning through hands-on experience, enhances problem-solving skills in children along with their cognitive skills such as logical reasoning, decision making and critical thinking.

Whats in store for our
Experienced AI Agents

  • Courses come with VayuLearn’s Experiential Kit
  • Friendly Instructors
  • Activity-based Understanding of machine learning
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Team-based activities
  • Flexible learning schedules and training sessions
  • Experienced AI Agent Certification
Experiential learning programs online

Benefits of Learning AI through our
Experiential Learning Method


Hands-On Practice


Improve Cognitive Skills


Increase Curiosity


Enhance Collaboration

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