Minecraft: Education Edition apps (Minecraft: Education Edition, Classroom Mode and Code Connection) can be installed manually or on a supported platform with system management software.

Prerequisites for deploying apps

Before deploying the apps, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Check that your OS and devices are compatible. To learn more, visit Supported Platforms for Minecraft: Education Edition.
  2. Ensure users have the correct permissions based on the set-up and deployment method being used at your school.
  3. For Windows 10, all apps must be up-to-date as Minecraft: Education Edition will not install if there are updates pending for other apps on the PC. Before installing M:EE, check to see if there are pending updates for Microsoft Store apps. For more information, see Check updates for apps and games from Microsoft Store

Deploying apps manually

Minecraft: Education Edition apps can be downloaded and installed manually from our website download page (as well as the Microsoft Store for Education, for Windows 10 installation). If necessary, installation files can be downloaded to a network location or a USB drive for later installation.

Device configuration
Operating System One-to-one devices Shared PCs
Windows 10S Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows 10 Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows 10
Windows 10
Version 1709 (RS3) and later
Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows 10 Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows Desktop
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Version 1703 (RS2) and earlier
Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows Desktop Minecraft: Education Edition for Windows Desktop
Windows Server (all editions) Not supported Not supported

For more information, see

Deploying and updating apps using system management software

To deploy Minecraft: Education Edition across a large-scale environment, you may use your school’s preferred system management software or manually deploy the software. For specific guidance on several of the most common system management software choices, see below:

Windows 10


  • macOS Deployment
    For information on deploying Minecraft on macOS, go to macOS Deployment Reference.
  • Updating Minecraft: Education Edition
    In order to update to the latest version of our game you will need to uninstall your current version and then re-download from our website here


  • iOS Deployment With Apple School Manager, you can get the Minecraft for iOS app in bulk for your school and then use your preferred Mobile Device Management system to deploy the app to your organization’s devices. For more information on how to add and deploy apps for iOS go to iOS Deployment Reference 
  • Updating Minecraft: Education Edition
    In order to update to the latest version of our game you will need to run the most recent iOS update for your iPad


Minecraft: Education Edition is available for download in both the managed Google Play Store and the consumer Google Play Store.

  • Managed Play Store: The managed Play Store allows an administrator of a domain to have control over which applications are enabled and how they are installed. To install Minecraft: Education Edition for managed Chromebook users, the administrator will need to enable managed Google Play, Android apps and Minecraft: Education Edition for the users.  To enable the managed Play Store and Minecraft: Education Edition, please follow Google’s instructions here:
  • Unmanaged (Consumer) Play Store: To install Minecraft: Education Edition as an unmanaged user (for example, if you sign into your device with a personal Gmail account), you will need to log in to a device that supports the Google Play Store. You can install the application from the Play Store by following Google’s directions here:

Help with deploying apps

If you require any type of support related to deploying M:EE apps (including Code Connection and Classroom Mode), check out our Communities or Submit a Request.