Operating system requirements
Device Recommended OS Minimum supported OS*
iPad iOS 11 iOS 10

*Note: Minecraft: Education Edition should be able to run on the minimum supported operating systems, however, the experience will be better on the recommended OS.  Issues discovered that are specific to the minimum supported OS versions will not be prioritized.

Hardware requirements

These are the minimum hardware requirements needed to run Minecraft: Education Edition.

Hardware Required specification
CPU 64 bit
Install Minecraft: Education Edition on iPad

Minecraft: Education Edition for iPad can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on a supported iPad device. For a link to the app store download page, see Download M:EE. To check whether your iPad version and device is supported, see Supported Platforms.

Teaching Resources for iPad

Minecraft: Education Edition is built to support touch-controls seamlessly, and all of the traininglessons, and worlds we provide will function exactly the same on iPad. For suggestions on where to get started, see Training Teachers in Minecraft: Education Edition.