Introducing AI Labs – Your Kid’s Creative Ground

Today the classroom is much more than a place for learning. Modern educational strategies foster a positive classroom environment to transform, motivate, welcome, and support student learning and growth. The atmosphere should be trusting, liberal and inclusive so that students’ views are heard and valued. Students feel elevated, safe, and respectful in a creative and positive classroom.

What is the importance of a positive classroom?

A positive classroom makes students comfortable in every sense. They can share their thoughts, ask questions, and take risks boldly. Such an environment improves social skills, builds relationships with peers, boosts positive mindsets, and develops high-level critical and analytical thinking skills. From here, students learn to participate enthusiastically making the environment instrumental.

Enjoy a creative environment with AI Labs

  1. The Perfect Physical Space

    Classroom aesthetics are one of the important aspects that help students become more open to learning and adaptive. It acts as a stress buster for students and enhances their productivity. The aesthetics of AI labs are perfect for keeping their enthusiasm, engagement, and focus at an all-time high. A vibrant classroom décor will help students reflect the same.

  2. Based on Curriculum

    Students find learning more engaging and relatable when it’s a part of their curriculum. They become emotionally invested in the content and connect on a personal ground. The aim is to help them adapt to the futuristic skills of AI, making the curriculum more meaningful.

  3. Positive Enforcement

    A strong classroom culture can be achieved by implementing a positive space for students to thrive in. The positive ambience of the AI labs and the valuable inputs of the AI trainers are extrinsic motivators. This positive push will keep them thrilled and energized in the labs.

  4. Giving Them A Voice and Choice

    The participation of the students increases when they feel their opinion matters. AI Labs give them the platform to take risks and decide how they learn best. This newly built confidence encourages them to be vocal in front of their peers. Once they feel their input matters, they seem to put greater effort into learning.

  5. Being Their Best Supporter

    Many students face academic challenges. Here, AI trainers will provide support for students when they need it. Students appreciate having someone to listen to them and comfort them. The valuable inputs of the AI trainers will make them more attentive and reflective toward learning the right way.


CESP is an aspirational program by VayuLearn. The programme aims to transform education through technology. From building a learning environment at schools to training educators using Microsoft tools/ Text help CESP aims to do it all. They aspire to build AI Labs, install smart boards and overall enhance the aesthetics of the school.

VayuLearn is online courseware on Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to help kids excel in their studies and extracurricular activities. It paves the way to a successful future by developing important life skills in them. It is also a program that includes comprehensive training material for teachers to understand the working of AI and its processes, in order to help the students perform better. Be a part of the transformation.