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Gone are the days when people used to think that online gaming is detrimental to children’s all-around development. Today, game-based learning has become a rage in children’s life. Children should not spend the whole day staring at a computer screen. But, online gaming is certainly indelible in a child’s overall growth as it offers ample opportunities for children to play, learn, and grow. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of game-based learning.

Boosts child’s power to memorize

Memorization is an integral part of any game. Children need to remember every step of the game – from all the sequences to codes to other elements.

Enhances computer handling

We live in a technology-driven world. By playing online games via the Internet, children get used to computer keyboards, monitors, browsing, user names and passwords, and general Internet navigation.

Helps in developing strategic thinking and problem-solving

Quick thinking is a must in any game. While playing games, children need to utilize their logic and think three steps ahead in order to solve problems and complete levels. This strategy helps children in developing their logic, accuracy and their ability to think on their feet, and outside of the box.

Improves hand-eye coordination

Using a gamepad or a keyboard and the mouse to operate can help children develop hand-eye coordination. This gets them more tuned to how a computer works and develops hand-eye coordination because they have to look at the action on the screen while using their hands to control what is happening at the same time.

Helps Children with Attention Disorders

Research says that the concentration level of children experiencing attention disorders is less than normal. Game-based learning can actually help those children concentrate better.


There are some games that require specific skills. Mystery and adventure games improve children’s map reading skills and practical thinking. Games such as football management introduce children to managing finances and general project management.

Now, you know what benefits the game-based learning method can offer to your child. Education and gaming are not enemies anymore. They are turning out to be best buddies.

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