Coding classes for a child’s all-round development

Language is a crucial tool used for communication purposes. It strengthens oral and written skills. Languages help children to understand the world around them. Computer programmers use many languages to communicate with the computer. A set of instructions, written in computer languages, are given to the computer to perform a particular task, these instructions are called Codes. Children understand how technology works around them in a better manner through coding. Coding not only nurtures creativity but also strengthens the thinking capabilities of children. Many institutes are helping children learn coding through various coding classes.

When children learn to code, they find out that there is more than one way to do a selective task. If through one method they are not able to get the desired result they should try other ways. Thus they improve their methods without the fear of failing. Coding helps children to adapt to the changing technology. It prepares them for future technological challenges. Various programming languages are used for coding. Some of these languages are Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, etc.

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Online Game based learning platforms for kids

Python programming for kids

Python programming is for kids who want to learn to code. It is simple and easy to learn. Some of the best computer programs, machines, mobile apps are running on Python language. Its instructions are written in simple English. After the children have learned this language they can easily use it to create their own games, animations, websites, etc. As the instructions used in Python programs are less than in other languages, thus children are able to see the result of their codes very soon. Even in games such as Mine Craft, children can write instructions in Python language to build several things in the game.

Apart from Python, another language that is used for coding is JavaScript. It is an interpreted programming language. It is easy to learn and can be used to create interactive apps and games. Google, Firefox, and IE all use JavaScript. This language is used to create web pages and to control robots.

JavaScript for kids

Now children can learn computer languages in a fun and interactive way. VayuLearn has designed a courseware specifically to teach AI through Python and JavaScript for Kids of class 5th to 10th standard. It is a platform wherein children learn AI through experiential learning and a game-based approach. This method augments the creative thinking, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities of the children. Our primary objective is the overall development of a child’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. VayuLearn courses are designed to empower millennials to become next generation innovators, creators, and problem solvers.

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