Online learning platforms - the new approach to learning

Internet stemmed to make communication simpler. Today, it is being used for several purposes. For the education industry, Internet has become a blessing. In recent times, the Internet has become a channel of getting knowledge, a mode of communication and a medium to showcase your skills. The focus of the education industry has now shifted to online learning from classroom learning. The gamut of quality education available on the internet has opened its door to the people who want to learn.

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Online Game based learning platforms for kids

Online learning platforms for schools

Various educational institutions have understood the importance of online education and thus have directed their efforts in utilizing this popular medium of learning. The teaching process has now been shifted online. Online learning platforms for schools are the major game-changers. They act as a bridge between the school and the children. During the Pandemic, they have played a vital role in helping the schools connect with the children virtually.

Online learning activities for kids

These online learning platforms for children are now imparting knowledge using online tools available. The alternative to traditional classroom teaching has now proved to be valid and useful to many students. The online education platforms for learning are devising various ways to teach the subjects to children in a fun and engaging way. Online learning activities for kids are not only effective but also helps in the overall development of the children.

ai agent
Online Game based learning platforms for kids

Online learning platform for kids – VayuLearn

One such online learning platform for kids is VayuLearn. Our well-streamlined courseware ensures that the students are taught using experiential and game-based learning methods. These teaching approaches help the students to develop the cognitive skills, which will help them to excel in their studies and will pave way for the future. This courseware is specially designed for children of grades 5th to 10th. This platform introduces children to AI or artificial intelligence and makes them learn an important skill without the additional burden of studying.

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