Online live classes for experiential learning - a key to success

The concept of online education originated in late 1900s along with the rapid growth of technology. It is not a new phenomenon; it has just attained momentum in recent years. The University of Toronto was the first to offer a comprehensive online course in the year 1984. The advent of 21st century bought a paradigm shift in the field of education, along with it. Imparting and procuring knowledge is not limited to the confines of a classroom anymore. The Internet has brought a radical transformation in the way we learn, making education accessible to everyone through online classes.

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Online Game based learning platforms for kids

Online live classes

The boom in online classes is aided by the availability of the Internet which is anticipated to grow considerably in the coming years. From the hallowed walls of the classrooms, online education has developed far and beyond its fundamental capabilities. Also, the days of didactic methods and one-way monologue teaching techniques are now gone. The new curriculum enables the students to take active participation in the learning process. Regular report and assessment feedbacks have inevitably elevated the effectiveness of the online teaching system.

The advent of the Pandemic has confined people to their homes. Online live classes have emerged as an alternative to traditional methods of teaching in the education industry. These classes are better and more convenient than their older versions. Educators are reaching out to students globally. On the other hand students have the benefit to learn anywhere, and at any time.

Internet is flooded with online classes due to which educational resources have become easily available and acquiring a new skill is easy. A multitude of apps, websites, and platforms are being created solely to help kids understand and learn better.

Online experiential learning techniques

VayuLearn is one such platform that brings AI learning into the classroom. It connects students of classes 5 to 10 with educators having high credentials to impart training courses on Artificial Intelligence by employing Game-Based and Experiential Learning techniques. The AI courseware offered by VayuLearn incorporates online experiential learning methods to make AI learning interactive and a lot more interesting.

VayuLearn KIT, VayuLearn Editor, VayuLearn Courseware, and AI Lab are fragments of the VayuLearn program designed to fine-tune young minds for artificial intelligence. It seeks to wield their potential in the appropriate way to improve their cognitive abilities, decision-making, and critical thinking capabilities and prepares them to take firm efforts for a more vivid and progressive future.

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