Upgrade your Child’s Learning Capabilities with Microbit

“Technology is a natural ally for experiential learning. It offers people ways to really experience what they are supposed to be learning about but in a safe and controlled environment. This affords unique opportunities.” – Manolis Mavrikis, Director of the Education and Technology MA, University College London (UCL)

Each child is different and experiences the world in a unique way. The set of strengths and weaknesses they own makes them unique. Every child has a different strategy to make learning more effective. The different ways of learning give different outcomes. Experiential Learning is one of the preferred learning styles that are majorly used nowadays. Keep reading to know more about this new pedagogy.

What is Microbit?

The pocket-sized computer is transforming the world with its magic. The device makes coding a cakewalk for kids. Kids can instruct Microbit by giving it instructions. All they need is a computer with a browser or a tablet MakeCode app plus good internet access. It’s really simple to learn coding with Microbit. They can transform the world with creative problem-solving projects using inputs, outputs, sensors, and radio communication features of Microbit.

Experiential Learning – What is it?

You have been learning about life experiences since the day you are born. As human beings, we are born to learn and our process of learning goes on all the time without much awareness. But the awareness and understanding of how we learn can increase the learning power. One way to describe this process of learning is called Experiential Learning. In Experiential Learning, students connect theories and knowledge to real-world situations and get hands-on experience. Experiencing a particular situation is a great way to learn about it.

How Microbit is related to Experiential Learning?

Research shows a healthy relationship between the brain and experiential learning. Findings indicated that 94.7% of participants who reported a high-impact learning experience when participating in experiential learning while enrolled in a graduate class also reported engaging in socially responsible behavior because of that learning experience. Experiential learning develops a new positive attitude toward life and the power of thought. The aim of digital creativity with Microbit is to inspire and develop a new generation of tech pioneers. As a result of learning, kids gain new experiences for growth and evolution. This holistic learning approach includes emotions, cognition & environmental factors and helps them explore new ways of thinking. The tiny coding machine- Microbit helps the creators to solve real-life problems in real time. Higher retention of information and faster brain judgments are a few outcomes of this new-age learning.

How is Experiential Learning Beneficial for Your Child?

The learning cycle is an idealized model through which we touch all the basis of a learning situation- experiencing, reflecting, learning, and acting. Learning is an endless process between a learner’s internal world and the external environment. As children are growing and reaching new milestones, their confidence level improves. The outcomes are not just limited to a classroom or school activity. Microbit, a mini-computer, makes coding easy to learn and fun. The device is completely programmable and brings ideas to life. Children think differently and this strengthens their relationship with learning and creativity. Creativity and innovative thinking reach new heights.


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