child learning with game based teaching method

Even though both gamification and game-based learning promote engagement and sustained motivation in learning, these two are completely different concepts altogether. Gamification applies the concepts of the game in learning. For example, a timed quiz is an excellent example of gamification. On the other hand, game-based learning deals with using games to teach a particular subject. Minecraft is the finest example of game-based learning. Here students can learn AI coding while playing the Minecraft game. Many interactive learning games for kids are now used to teach different subjects.

How does game-based learning and gamification help in learning?

Today when the competition is tough, many may not be interested in learning a new subject, because it would mean adding another subject to their curriculum. So, how can a subject like AI be taught so that it not only keeps students engaged but also arouses their creativity and should enhance their cognitive skills? Game-based learning and gamification hold the key.

Game-based learning has many advantages

Some of the benefits of game-based learning are that it promotes creativity, arouses curiosity, keeps the children engaged and helps in the development of various cognitive skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and many more. As the games are based on day-to-day activities the child not only learns life skills but also becomes focused.

We all know that games are addictive and to level up children try again and again. This skill of using different methods to resolve an issue or to reach a particular mark boosts problem-solving skills in children. Even if a child fails on his first attempt, he/she knows that he/she would get a few more attempts to win the round. Failure in games motivates the child to try again.

Game-based learning platform

VayuLearn is an online game-based learning platform that helps children to learn AI using the game Minecraft. Our courseware is specifically designed by educators who are AI experts. The curriculum is designed for students in grades 5th to 10th. VayuLearn helps children learn AI in a fun-filled and engaging way.

Interactive learning games for kids

The current pandemic has Online learning almost become a daily routine for today’s kids. Interactive learning games for kids have changed the way of learning we used to enjoy earlier. Game-based learning is one of the few contemporary techniques for Artificial Intelligence learning. You can now enjoy a fascinating experience learning different fundamentals of game-based learning.

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